Сертификати, Јуни 2020 година

Don't change the system change the climate, Certificates, June 2020

Thanks to the students of the Primary school "25 Maj" - Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia for their contribution in the Etwinning project "Don't change the system, change the climate". Students of the primary school "25 Maj" successfully participated in all the project activities together with the students from Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria. At the end of the project we are proud to deliver the following certificates to the coordinators and the students upon the successful accomplishment of the Ewtinning project "Don't change the climate, change the system!", coordinated by prof. Arlinda Kastrati and the teachers Suzana Kurbadovik, Teuta Haskaj Vojnika, Selma Isak, and the staff of the Municipal primary school "25 Maj" - Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia, June,2020.